General booking conditions

You can book your tandem flight online, personally, via phone or in written form. The contract between Flugschule Aufwind and the customer is concluded as soon as we confirm your booking. If more than one person is registered at the same time, the person carrying out the registration assumes the contractual duties. Minors (i.e. under the age of 18) require a written declaration of consent by their parents or legal guardians. Prior consultation with the pilot is required if persons with physical or mental handicaps or persons with more than 100 kg or less than 30 kg body weight want to participate in a tandem flight.

After the flight, please make the payment directly to the pilot. You can carry out the payment in cash or by redeeming a voucher.

Cancellation by Flugschule Aufwind:

For security reasons (weather, wind or other unpredictable factors), Flugschule Aufwind reserves the right to cancel tandem flights at short notice.

Cancellation by customer:

You can cancel your booking free of charge until 24 hours before the agreed meeting time. In the case of last-minute cancellation or non-appearance at the meeting point, we will charge a cancellation fee of up to 100%.




Terms of Transport

Before you fly, you conclude an  transportation contract with Flugschule Aufwind. This contract is go subject to Austrian law.

1.We would like to inform you, that in paragliding accidents are possible, e.g. because of stumbling or wrong reactions of the passenger during the take off or landing. Of course we try to keep this risk as small as possible, therefore the passenger has  to obey to all the instructions given by the pilot during take off, flight and landing. The passenger confirms to be in good physical and mental condition.  In order to cover passengers potential claims, in accordance with the Austrian Law, we have taken out adequate insurance with “Axa Versicherung”


2.The passenger hast to store securely and personal items (e.g. glasses, cameras, mobile phones and other valuables as well as money) before and during the flight.. We cannot offer liability for loss or damage, e.g. during take off, flight or landing.


3.Flugschule Aufwind and pilots reserve the right to cancel a tandem flight for security reasons.


4.The plannes flight route, landing site and flight times can be altered at any time, especially due to security or operational reasons, without compensation for the passenger.

Note: This is only a translation of the applicable terms and conditions!