Lepopard EN D

The Leopard shares its DNA with the Explorer (EN B) and with the Bonanza 2 (EN C). This, combined with our experience of over 8 years of continuous development of 2 liner gliders with the World Cup winning Boomerang series, has enabled us to produce a wing with significantly improved characteristics in several key areas:


Compared to past 2 liner and high performance wings, the Leopard has greater pitch stability over the entire speed range. In combination with outstanding wing tip stability, the result is a greatly reduced pilot workload in normal flight.

Handling and feel

One of the most outstanding aspects of the Leopard is the way the wing feels solid and cohesive but not stiff – it immediately feels like a whole wing that better connects you with the elements. The turn is precise and well co-ordinated, the wing accelerates towards thermals and pitch stability is first class.

Feedback and “thermal sniffing” behaviour

The Leopard gives smooth yet highly intelligible feedback. On glide, it’s easy to guide the wing towards thermals and lifty lines by feeling pressure differences through the B risers. The wing flies equally well if you just let it fly, it has a tendency to pull towards lift automatically. Once in a climb, the feedback from the glider also helps you stay centred in the core.

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Angebot für Leopard einholen
ausgelegte Fläche (m2)20.522.3224.2226.7
ausgelegte Spannweite (m)12.0812.6513.1813.84
ausgelegte Streckung7.
projizierte Fläche (m2)17.5619.1420.822.93
projizierte Spannweite (m)9.7910.2510.7111.25
projizierte Streckung5.455.55.515.51
Flügeltiefe (m)
anzahl Zellen86868686
Gleitschirmgewicht (kg)4.855.305.655.95
Empfohlener Gewichtsbereich (kg)70-88 85-102 95-112 105-127