Tandem Paragliding Flights

...over the clouds

Have you ever dreamed to look at the world with the eyes of a bird - without motor, without noise? A paragliding flight can make this dream come true. And everyone can do it - in a tandem flight! Together with a qualified and experienced tandem pilot no previous courses or special requirements are needed, just a little bit of courage.

Age: from 6 to 99 (weight from 30 kg to 100 kg)

Dates: Tandem flights are available daily all year long - weather permitting. You can book your tandem flight by online-booking or by phone.

You would like to have a video to remember your flight? Here you find informations and also two videos of tandem flights from Planai.

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You can book the following tandem flights:

Region Ramsau Schladming Dachstein

Enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Enns valley admiring the view from Dachstein to Stoder mountain. 1100 m of height difference... more

A very exceptional experience is a tandem flight combined with a hike to the top of Hauser Kaibling... more

You'll launch from Planai middle station having a beautiful view to the Dachstein massif and flying over the town of Schladming to the landing field beside the Enns river. 600 m of height difference... more

Murtal Region

Tandem Flight from Hochalm

After a hike of about 40 minutes we'll reach the launch site of the Hochalm. 1000m of height difference... more

Tandem Flight from Hochalm Middle Station

Your tandem pilot will launch with you high above the monastery of Seckau. 700 m of height difference... more

Flight nearby the Sölk mountain pass, viewing into the valleys of Wölz- and Katschtal. 1000 m of height difference... more

We launch from Lindberg and fly over Lind in direction of Scheifling.
400 m of height difference... more

High in the sky, enjoy the lovely panorama of the Mur valley sitting comfortably in your harness. 400m of height difference... more

We launch on the ground of Himmelbauer and you will have an unforgettable flight over the valley of Pölstal... more