Learning to Fly

Learning to fly with a paraglider should be funny and safe. In shortest time you'll make your first little flights at the training slope and be surprised about your rapid progress. Then, after a few days, you'll make your first high-altitude flight - of course with radio guidance - launching from a mountain site in a beautiful alpine landscape.

Taster Day: 1/2 Day
Price with Summer Card: free

Taster Day: 1 Day
99 €
65 € youth price, for students till the age of 25

Elementary Course: 4 Days
470 €
410 € youth price, for students till the age of 25

Eementary Course with High Flights: 7 Days
600 €
510 € youth price, for students till the age of 25

Refresher Course: 3-4 Days
360 €
300 € youth price, for students till the age of 25

Club Pilot Tuition app. 10 Days
Requirement: School Confirmation
Price: from 990 €

Optimally trained!
Optimally equipped!
Complete Equipment Offer: 4.590 €
Private Course
individual and flexibel
Price from 300 €
Hike & Fly Training
Up to the Pilot License: € 1.600


Austrian Civil Aviation School and German DHV Licensed School

The fascination of flying is an ultimate experience, an exciting adventure, which however requires intensive und well-founded training. We are an Austrian/German Flying School and offer you a professional training with experienced paragliding instructors. You are free to complete the courses with the Austrian or German Pilot Licence.


  • To realize a successful practical and theoretical paragliding tuition you need to be in a good health - physically and mentally.
  • Minimum age is 14 years. Minors need the parental consent.


From Pedestrian to Pilot

After completing the elementary course (7 days) you'll get the Austrian School Confirmation, which allows you to fly unsupervised but with permission of the flight school in registered flying sites of the austrian flight schools... more

...Free Flying! Together with the IPPI-Card the License is accepted almost worldwide.
Required to attend the Club Pilot Tuition is the Elementary Course.