Aufwind: One Family - One Team - Joy of Flying and a lot of Friends!

Our flight school was founded by Anna, Franz and Rainer in 1988 in Ramsau am Dachstein.
To describe us - the team/the family - is quite easy: we love what we do, are enthusiastic paragliding (and hang gliding) pilots and - if you want to - you will become a team member and not just a student pilot. Our togetherness, more than 25 years of experience in flight instruction and our beautiful landscape are a perfect background for successful und intensive paragliding tuition and training. All our courses and trips abroad are focussed on safety; the core of our teaching is a practice-oriented training. Our purpose is to offer you a way to become a self-reliant pilot.

Family, Team, Friends...
Our team is a »large family« of colorful personalities. They are the core of the Aufwind Flight School, the software, the soul… Some of our instructors have been flying from »the year dot« and bring in their rich experience, real skill and sense of responsibility.

Since 2005 you can find us in 2 different locations in Austria.

Your advantage:

  • Weather guarantee: we just need about 1,5 hour by car to get from one flying site to the other, nevertheless the main crest of the alps marks a weather divide - so with bad weather in the north we go flying in the south and vice versa.
  • Flying sites: already during your club pilot training you will get to know different flying sites without having to change to another flight school.
  • All-season training: also in winter we have courses in the Mur valley.