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Paragliding Basic Course Ramsau


Mo, 22.07.2024 - So, 28.07.2024
Ort: Ramsau am Dachstein

9am at the flight school in Ramsau am Dachstein

Dauer: 4 days at the trainings slope (part 1) and 2-3 days flying (part 2)
Teilnehmer: max 12
Preis Basic Course 2023:   € 710 /610*

Basic course part 1 € 490 / € 450*
Basic course part 2 € 390 / € 290*
*youth price up to 25 years

not included: Accomodation and cable car / transfer cost part 2 approx. € 30
Please inform us upon booking if you intend to do the whole course or just one of the two parts.


Storno approx. € 25
for foreigners Komplettschutz approx. € 39


Pension Steiner 

Minimum age: 14 years

How to learn paragliding in a safe way

In this course you can get an idea, how easy and fascinating it is to get into the air. You are loosing the ground below your feet for the very first time, learn how to start, steer and land with a paraglider. Within just a few days you are going to make the first flights on your own - under supervision and with radio support by our instructors.

Our bonus: 

For groups of six or more people we can offer individual trainingsweeks.

Part 1: trainings hill

In the first four days you get to know a paraglider. You learn how to set up for takeoff and you will do the first little flights from the trainingshill. Taking off, controlling and steering your glider as well as landing softly on the ground is the main goal. This training is the necessary preparation for doing your first big flights in part 2.

Course content
  • takeoff preparation at the trainings hill 
  • flighttraining at the trainings hill
  • radio support for the whole course
  • videoanalysis
  • theory 12 lessons for getting the Schulbestätigung: manouvers, meteorology, rules of air and paragliding technics
Course goal:

Beeing ready for the first big flights

Part 2: big flights

After graduating part 1 you start with part 2 and do your first flights with an altitude difference bigger than 300m between takeoff and landing. Two instructors (one at the takeoff, one at the landing) will help you during the whole flight via radio.

Course content
  • takeoff and landing briefing
  • planning of the flight
  • 5 big flights with more thatn 300m altitude difference
  • manouver training in the air with radio support
  • debriefing

Österreichische Schulbestätigung

Services part 1 and 2
  • education including the whole equipment necessary for your first flights
  • third party liability insurance
  • issuing the learning certificate after part 2 and the Österreichische Schulungsbestätigung after part 2
  • flight log
    • if wanted: DHV-Ausbildungsbuch for € 10
  • radio support and videoanalysis
  • theory script
  • if wanted: Booking of an accomodation during the course

To bring with you for part 1 and 2
  • good mood :-)
  • something to drink
  • mountaineering shoes with a good profile
  • helmet (EN-966 certification is required). Climbing, biking or motorcycling helmets are not sufficient. Flight helmets can be purchased in our shop.
  • sporty clothes for the trainings hill and something warmer jacket for the big flights
  • thin gloves (can be purchased in our shop)
  • minimum age is 14 years. Minors (below 18 years) have to bring a written declaration of consent from the legal guardian

We are happy to book a room in Ramsau am Dachstein for you during the course. Our area is the perfect spot, for recharging energies, enjoy nature and having great holidays. We always book the room one day in advance of our course start and until the last day(if the course starts on monday we book the room from sunday until sunday). We book for you at Pension Steiner, but if you want another accomodation feel free to inform us about it. More information about the accomodations and our holiday region can be found here: Nächtigung in der Region Schladming-Dachstein


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